Apple TV

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Pre-orders have now opened for the long awaited Apple TV relaunch. App Developers are designing experiences which will revolutionise how you and your television interact by making it feels as personal as it would with your iPhone or iPad.





Gone are the days of manually typing your email address and password letter-by-letter. The new setup process is now simpler than ever before. All you have to do is open your iPhone and activate Bluetooth. Once Bluetooth has been enabled, you will be asked to bring your iPhone close to the Apple TV box. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail you are logged into iCloud and iTunes.




remote1 remote2 remote3


Visually, the remote is the first thing that appears to have changed drastically. The old two button, forward-backward navigation has been succeeded by a remote control unit which boasts:

  • Two microphones
  • Touchpad
  • Gyroscope
  • Volume Control
  • Battery that is rechargeable using lightning cable

The touchpad is one feature that really adds to the experience and interaction with your media. When scrolling through your movie or TV show complement, there is no longer a need for countless clicks, all you have to do now is swipe your finger on the touchpad. This new setup is beneficial, however it may take some getting used to if you had become accustomed to seeking and pressing the “back” button. This remote also allows the user to pair it with the TV giving you the ability to switch everything on with one button.




The new Apple TV introduces a refashioned user interface that is strikingly brighter and has a more vivid finish than the original Apple TV’s somewhat dull layout. You may be happy to know that the lay out of your media is rather similar to the original Apple TV; it just sports a more sophisticated layout.

The new Apple TV is enabled to access leading movie and TV show rating sites such as Rotten Tomatoes. This means that you can use this information to guide your viewing selections.

Through the microphone on the remote control, you can command Siri to show your selection, for example “show me movies with Sean Connery”; the movies will then be displayed. Siri can also process secondary requests, for instance “show me movies with Sean Connery”, once furnished with the selection, you can go a step further and say to Siri, “only the best ones”. Siri will then repopulate the list and furnish only the movies featuring Sean Connery that have the highest ratings and reviews.




As the App Store will be available on your TV, it will also bring with it useful apps and exciting games. Being able to transform your lounge into a fitness studio for instance, at a whim by tapping into the App Store brings great convenience to you as the user. As an added benefit, the new Apple TV will also support most new game pad controllers.