Control4 Simplifies Home Living

Control4 has revolutionised the perception of smart home control. They’ve also proved that it’s not something reserved for the rich and famous. How?

For starters; they provide a unified, user-friendly interface (pictured above) that is so simple that anyone aged 7 to 100 could understand it. This interface is designed to integrate [almost] all the electrical components in your home in a neat and convenient manner. If you want to listen to music? Press ‘Listen’. You want to turn on the TV? Press ‘Watch’. Pretty simple, hey?

Simply put, you no longer have to imagine what it would be like to have a single remote control that controlled your TV, sound system, lights, air conditioning, curtains, fireplace or alarm system (to name a few). In fact, you no longer have to be home to control all these components; you can do it from a beach in the south of France via your cellphone. You also don’t have to press 50 buttons to turn off everything in your home before going to sleep or away on holiday. One button will take care of this.

Don’t let the above frighten you. You don’t have to automate your whole house including the kitchen sink right away! The Control4 system is modular, allowing you to begin with one room of  your home and grow the system as and when it suits you.

I could go on for pages detailing the advantages of the system, but I have a feeling the below video will do it better and quicker. Give it a watch!