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A list of questions we're asked regularly, so we've put pen to paper for your benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home automation?

A smart home is one where most, if not all, electronic devices can communicate with one another and can understand each other. Smart home technology dumbs down all the complicated stuff and provides you with a single, easy to use interface which enables you to interact with all these electronic services in a simple and convenient fashion.

A smart home or home automation system is designed to seamlessly integrate your sound, security, lighting and comfort services to provide convenience, safety and energy efficiency.

What is a lighting control or lighting automation system?

The simple answer: A lighting system that allows you to have full control of the lights in your home, either via intelligent keypads on the wall or via a mobile Apple of Android device.

The technical answer: A Lighting control or lighting automation system is a smart, network based lighting solution where all lights and all switches can communicate with one another and are controlled by a central computer processor.

This allows the lights and switches to be programmed however you wish.

What is distributed audio or multiroom audio?

A distributed or multiroom audio system is one where you have speakers in multiple rooms or areas in your home, and have independent source and volume control of each area.


  • When entertaining, play the same song throughout your home - but keep the inside areas softer where people are mingling and have the outside areas pumping where the party is.
  • When relaxing at home on Sunday with the family, listen to Elvis in your media room while the kids listen to whatever they want, wherever else they want.

What can your home automation system control?

It's temping to say "anything", but it can't really control your kitchen sink (even though I'm sure we could think of a creative way to do so).

A good guideline of items we integrate on a daily basis includes:

Audio Visual

  • TVs
  • Sound
  • Media players


  • Alarm
  • CCTV
  • Door-locks

Energy & Comfort

  • Lights
  • Blinds / Curtains
  • Geysers
  • Pool pumps
  • Air-conditioning
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