Revolution Acoustics at Decorex Cape Town

Simpletech has been chosen to represent Revolution Acoustics “Invisible Sound” as part of Decorex’s Great Idea campaign.

When it comes to speakers in the home, there are plenty of factors to take into account when deciding which to go with, but when it comes to the aesthetics – there are two main types of people: those who want speakers to be seen, and those who don’t. The latter being far more common.

For years the sound industry has been developing ways to conceal speakers while maintaining high audio quality, and finally the answer is here. Introducing Revolution Acoustics’ “The Invisibles”, a technology that transforms any surface into a ‘speaker’.

How it works:

The patented Revolution Acoustics Multiducers are designed to be mounted behind ceiling boards, dry-walls, windows, floor-boards, furniture – you name it – and they quite simply turn that surface into a speaker itself. They are essentially the drivers of a speaker without the cones that push air back and forth (what makes the sound), and instead – they use the surface they’re mounted to as the cone.

This is technology that’s revolutionising sound in the design world. As custom installers, one of our biggest challenges has been integrating speakers for clients while not compromising on the aesthetic design conceptualised by the architect and interior designer. With Revolution Acoustics, we can keep walls and ceilings clean and still have audio piped through your home or office.

Of course, nothing beats a traditional speaker concealed in an enclosure specifically designed to enhance the sound waves, and thus Revolution Acoustics wouldn’t be the solution for audiophile grade sound listening rooms and cinemas. However, it serves as a brilliant solution for those wanting high quality background music with zero visibility of their speakers.

Simpletech will be displaying and demonstrating the Revolution Acoustics technology at Decorex Cape Town from the 24th to the 27th of April. Please feel free to visit us at stand M17 or contact us to arrange a private demonstration.

Video Demonstration: