Multi-Room Audio

The Key To A Joyful Life

Years ago, the only way to get multi-room stereo was to turn your music up loud enough to hear it all over the house or to have a little radio in each room. These days, thanks to the wonder of modern technology, we can have sophisticated multi-room audio systems that adjust at the touch of a button. But why should you bother to install multi-room audio? Isn’t it enough to have it simply in your lounge? Well, no, if you REALLY want a beautiful audio experience in your life, multi-room audio is your key to a joyful life.

What Exactly Is Multi-Room Audio?

Multi-room audio, and its simplest form, is a connected series of speakers, amps, and players that allow you to hear music or audio in various parts of the house. You can connect as few or as many rooms as you wish, pumping your tunes into bathrooms and even outside all at the same time. The system is connected to a central device, usually a smartphone, tablet or even a smart TV.

Speakers are usually wireless, which means that you don’t have to worry about running in-wall wires or having them visible in the inside of your house.

Why Do I Want Multi-Room Audio?

The benefits of multi-room audio are many and quite amazing. Not least of all is that as you move around your home, your audio will leave off and begin in each room that you enter.

Listen To Your Music, As You Want

With well-installed multi-room audio, you can control every aspect of how your music is played and where. With a system linked to your smartphone, it will know where you are in the house,and switch on or off speakers as you move. Volume, bass, and what is playing can be changed with either the touch of a button or even a simple voice command.

Build Your System At Your Pace

Whether you use a professional installer or do it yourself, installing multi-room audio needn’t be done all at the same time. You can add speakers, amplifiers, and more as your budget allows, giving you true flexibility on your build. Simpletech works alongside our clients to make their vision a reality, at their own pace.

Set Up Your Speakers Outside

There is nothing better than being able to bring music to your guests. All-weather landscape speakers can bring colour and life to social gatherings, as well as keep you energised while pottering around in the garden.

How Do I Set Up Multi-Room Audio?

For a full multi-room audio system, you need a number of components. Obviously, speakers are your number one priority, but a really good amplifier is just as important. The whole system needs to link to a route that provides the Wi-Fi signal, but that should be standard with your home network.

To control it you can use your smartphone, tablet, smart TV or smart box,

anything that has an operating system. The best way to install a multi-room audio system correctly, however, is to get it done by a professional. That way you can avoid the pitfalls that come with many home builds.


To learn more about how you can get a multi-room audio system for your home, give us a call right now.