Lighting Control

Simpletech specialise in designing, installing and programming Lutron, Control4 and KNX lighting systems

Lighting control and energy management systems system such as Lutron are designed to manage all power-intensive services in your home to save you money and to protect the environment, while providing a simple, easy to use and convenient system that adds value to your lifestyle. 

These systems allow you to easily set a scene control your environment through an intelligent keypads or your mobile device.

These systems can intelligently control your lighting, curtains and shades, air-conditioning, underfloor heating, pool pumps, geysers, gas fireplaces and even the coffee machine (no jokes).

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Lighting Control


A lighting control system is designed to provide the right amount of light, when it is needed. It’s a digital, smart system that allows for all light circuits in the home or office to be controlled individually, or as groups, to set moods or scenes.

Easily set the scene for a dinner party at the touch of a button, and just as easily turn off your home before bed by pressing “Goodnight”.

Combining the use of logic, smart occupancy sensors and built-in time clocks – a lighting control system can determine if there is inadequate daylight in a room and if necessary, turn the lights on. In the same light, it also knows that when there is no one in a room and if so, can turn off the lights.

This can all be done via dedicated in-wall keypads which will replace traditional light switches as well as via any iOS or Android mobile device either in the home, or remotely while on holiday.

Lighting control systems serve three key purposes: Energy management, convenience and practicality. 



Window treatments: Curtains, shades & blinds


Window treatments so smart that they know when the sun is rises, sets, and everything in between and as a result, can automatically adjust to maintain a set light or temperature level.

By being part of the Lutron ecosystem, they can talk to your lights, air-conditioning and underfloor heating to make sure there are perfect light and temperature levels in your home.                            

Not only is this convenient, but it also ensures that you don’t unnecessarily heat or cool your home when you could just as well use existing light energy to achieve the exact same result.


Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC)


As mentioned above, lighting and shading solutions are one way to control unnecessary consumption in your home, another is through the control of your HVAC systems.

Air-conditioners and underfloor heating are large electricity consumers and may often be used when not needed or left on accidentally. Bringing your HVAC system into an energy management system with your lights and window treatments allows you to have control over all aspects in your home that can have an effect on the light or temperature.

This also provides a level of convenience whereby you can control your HVAC system via a mobile device – easily set a single temperature across your whole home and just as easily shut your whole house down with the touch of a button.