Home Cinemas
& Media Rooms

Simpletech delivers a Home Entertainment experience like no other.

Get the best seats in your house with an intimate home cinema experience crafted by us. We use only high-end premium brands to create bespoke solutions for media rooms and home cinemas. Let us create your dream home theater system from conception to completion, simply and easily with seamless integration of design and technology. 

We know that when it comes to home theatre and entertainment, experience is everything. From the surround sound to the quality of the screen, every little bit adds up to the perfect ambiance.

Settle down into a cinema-worthy seat, or even your own comfortable couch, ready for your own big-screen night in. Hours of horror, romance, adventure, comedy, or sci-fi await you at the touch of a button. 

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Home Cinemas

Create a dedicated cinematic room with a front projector and next-level seating. Bring the Big Screen experience to your home.


Crystal clear acoustics reduce echoes and sound reflections in order to create the impression of other specs and ultimately whole new worlds. To create your bespoke cinema room we will take into consideration every aspect, including design, lightning screen size, acoustics, and so much more.

Media Room

A media room is a mixed-use room as opposed to a dedicated cinema. These are often family rooms with a drop-down TV screen or a projector and integrated sound.


Speakers are set either in the ceiling, the walls or free-standing. Simpletech will take your family or individual needs into account from the beginning of the design to create a seamless solution that brings the magic of the silver screen to your home.   

Home Entertainment Solutions

With over 15 years experience in creating bespoke home theatre solutions to suit every need, SimpleTech has the perfect solution for you. Enjoy seamless integration of both audio and visual into your existing smart home system, or let us create a whole new network. Transform your life with an exquisite bespoke home cinema system.


Cinema Automation

Control everything at the touch of a button, from volume to mood lighting.

Amazing Picture Quality

Get 4K quality picture to bring every moment to life.

Perfect Sound

Get the perfect acoustics to go with the perfect picture quality to complete your home cinema experience.

Seamless Installation

Never have to compromise the aesthetic of your home in order to include the technology that you want

Automation at the touch of a button

Simplify your Home Cinema experience by controlling everything at the touch of a button. We use only the latest technology to create your bespoke media room solution, from integrated sound and lightning to multiroom media systems all controlled from your smart device. All of our designs are future-proof, which means that you can easily upgrade your media room with no hassles. 

Larger than Life Picture

Whether you choose a 4k UHD laser projector, or a 4K OLED TV screen, our AV home installation will bring the magic of the cinema to your house. So much more than traditional HDR, let us transform your TV experience into something truly life-changing.

Perfect Sound

What is a media room without a sound system that you can feel? Simpletech uses only the top of the range, crystal clear sound components to complement your chosen visual device. Enjoy the best in high-definition surround sound audio that will fully immerse you in the world of your choice. 

Seamless Installation

At Simpletech we specialise in seamless and simple installation. Don’t let the aesthetics of your home be compromised by a top-of-the-range home media system. Our workmanship is the result of countless hours of careful planning and design, ensuring that when your solution is complete you will find nothing out of place.


A bespoke home media system is only a phone call away.

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