Our Story

Custom integrators of bespoke, high-end Audio Visual, Automation, Security and Network solutions.

Our story starts in 2007, where Simpletech had its beginnings when Dean Joffe incorporated his lifelong passion for the world of audio into a business. Since those early days Simpletech has now developed into a major industry player with substantial expertise in Audio-Visual, Networking, Security and Automation Integration.


As a result of his team’s dedication and commitment the company has now become an acknowledged and authoritative player in the industry with many successful projects completed both the commercially and domestically.

The professional qualifications of the owners and management are clearly evident in their design and installation ability which ensures an elegant engineering solution to each installation with significant and knowledgeable back-up and after sales care.
With a large theoretical knowledge base the company is now dynamically able to incorporate and adapt all new technologies as they arrive within this sector of the digital world. 

As professionals their communicative abilities ensure that the customer, no matter how technical, is able to understand the requirements and capabilities of the systems they propose through intelligent briefing and careful demonstration in their well equipped showroom.

Simpletech is prepared at all times to take briefings from individual owners or via their building professionals: architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. In all cases and through extensive product knowledge and intelligent briefing Simpletech will design, supply and install a unique system tailored both for the customers requirements and budget.

Our Team

Management Team

Leader of the Pack


Dean Joffe
BSc Mechatronics Engineering (UCT)

Dean is a professionally qualified engineer with a cum laude qualification. His business was well under way during his student days and after qualifying he was able to apply his full concentration to growing it to its current pole position in the industry today. As an engineer he has proven design and communication abilities and is qualified to lead his teams from the front be it in design, sourcing, budgeting and installation. His enthusiastic interpersonal skills and genuine passion for his field of expertise are rapidly communicated to the customers which ensures that they invariably get more than they had previously imagined. His projects are on time and within budget.
Dean Joffe

Our Departments

Operations & Logistics

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that happens off site to make our installation successful. We have a team of individuals in the office dedicated to coordinating and managing our technical teams, liaising with the professional teams and other sub-contractors on site and generally ensuring constant communication between all involved parties.

Simpletech Accounts and admin team

Accounts & Admin Team

If you’ve seen one of our full turn-key proposals, you’ll know that they are incredibly detailed and include hundreds of line items of products. Our accounts, procurement and administration managers in the office stay on top of the never-ending paperwork and administration. An organised office equals an organised installation.

Engineering team

Engineering Team

Commissioning a fully automated home isn’t as simple as throwing in a few pieces of equipment and plugging them in. Countless hours of design, coordination, specification and programming go into ensuring the end solution is simple and meets the brief. Our engineering and technical team are tasked with holding the fort in this regard.

Core Integration Teams

Simpletech’s core installation team are highly trained technicians well versed in the quality requirements and unique procedures employed by the company to maintain its justified reputation for excellence. All aspects of the supply and installation as well as commissioning are handled by these skilled in-house technicians.

Satellite Installation team

Satellite Installation Team

Our specialised DSTV & satellite installations team are responsible for positioning and installing satellite dishes, fitting decoders & swiftly activating subscriptions for our clients who simply do not have the time nor patience to do so. Their experience varies from communal installations/apartment buildings as well as homes all over the city.

Security Systems Team

Our security specialists install and programme alarm, intercom & CCTV systems for both residential and commercial properties. By interacting with our clients directly or via the Simpletech Head office, our systems are installed efficiently and effectively. When setting up systems that require unique passwords and preferred settings, all liaisons are done via the head office to ensure 100% information confidentiality.

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