Security Systems

We know that you can’t put a price on peace of mind and that’s why we take security to the next level.

We take pride in designing comprehensive and practical security solutions for any type or size of the property. We are proficient in the installation of perimeter detection systems, HD surveillance, alarm systems, access control, and keyless entry systems and can implement remote access to give you that extra layer of control. Security is not complex when you leave it to us.



True peace of mind comes with a simple security system that you can trust. Whether it’s alarm systems, CCTV cameras, or a smart lock that you are after, Simpletech has the security solution for your home or office.

We are a retailer and installer of premium security, CCTV, and automation systems.  Let us take your security system to the next level by designing a bespoke, comprehensive, and practical security solution that you can access from anywhere, any time.

A truly practical security system need not be complex to install or to use. We have many years of experience in installing perimeter detection systems, HD surveillance, alarm systems, access control, and keyless entry systems and can implement remote access among other security options. 

Security Systems | Residential

We offer the following services for residential security systems


Intercom Systems

Knowing who is at your front door, no matter where you are, is an essential part of a good security system.   Receive calls alerting you to who is at your front door, porch, or gate from anywhere in the world with two-way audio. Modern intercom systems are so much more than just buzzing in entrants.   Key into any of your touch screens throughout your home to check on things when you aren’t there. Alternatively, make sure that anyone who presses your doorbell is someone that you are expecting without ever having to go outside.

Access Control

Access control is not just for gaited complexes. Allow only who you choose through your gate or front door. 


Use biometric access control and simple touch-panel keypads to unlock doors or cancel the alarm from anywhere in the world. This is considered the safest method of access control and is used by gaited estates all over the world.


Individualize your entry with the use of smart locks, and fingerprints, making your home as safe as houses.

CCTV Systems

Keep an eye on everything with a remotely controlled CCTV camera system.


Modern CCTV systems are so much more than the old swivel camera in a corner. Keep an eye on your children’s homework progress, or even tell your dog that he is being a good boy from anywhere in the world.


Control each camera with your smartphone, and know what is happening in and around your home at all times.

Alarm Systems

Trigger both lights and sound as well as alerting the right people when you need to.


A good alarm system will do much more than simply trigger a loud noise. Motion detectors, magnetic door sensors, and panic buttons all link to the right people to come to your rescue when you need it.


Protect yourself and your belongings whether you are at home or not.

Simpletech’s security solutions. Smart. Seamless. Secure.
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Security Systems | Commercial

We offer the following services for commercial office’s security systems.


Intercom Systems

Find out who is at your office door without leaving your desk.


Commercial intercom systems allow you to control access to your office or building from anywhere with two-way audio.

They can be either wired or wireless, but either way, Simpletech guarantees a seamless installation that will not compromise the aesthetics of your property. 

Access Control

Control access to your commercial property with a biometric system.


Use a biometric system to allow office access to employees only via their fingerprints.


In today’s world where the logistics of when and where people work have changed dramatically, keeping on top of who is allowed where, and when they are in the building is essential. 

CCTV Systems

Maintain security at your business 24/7 from your smartphone.


Lower your business cost and keep tabs on everything that happens on your premises while increasing production with high-resolution video.


Knowing who is on your property at every moment, and what they are doing will boost your security as well as ensuring that everyone is doing their job.  

Alarm Systems

Alert the right people when you need to with motion detectors, lights, and sound.


Keep your assets and buildings safe with a commercial intruder alarm system. Motion sensors, smart lights, and access to your security company are all a part of deterring intruders and monitoring your property.

More than just a loud noise, let Simpletech’s alarm solution dispatch first responders to the scene when you need them.

Fire Detection

Ensure ultimate safety with an early warning fire detection system.


Protect your premises before the first flame even forms. Our fire detection systems alert both you and first responders the moment any fire is detected.


Warn your employees in the advent of a disaster with an early warning system to prevent loss of life as well as injuries. 

Simpletech’s security solutions. Smart. Seamless. Secure.
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