Smart Home Technology

Smart Homes

Smart homes. We have all heard of them, but what do they actually entail, and why do you need one? The concept of a smart home is basically a home that can run itself, making our lives so much easier and more luxurious. Everything is connected via a network and can be controlled using smartphones or panels set throughout your home. Smart homes can have all sorts of appliances connected to your network, from your kettle to your fridge, to your blinds. Imagine being able to turn your kettle on with a simple voice command before you even get out of bed, or having a fridge that knows when you need to buy more milk!

What exactly is Smart Technology?

Smart technology consists of all sorts of systems these days. The most popular ones for homes are a voice-activated assistant such as Alexa or even Google, security systems, irrigation systems, AV rooms and audio throughout your home. Sound systems are so advanced that they can play music only in the room that you are in, and even track you throughout the house so that the music follows you wherever you go.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google allow you to not only control your home but also ask them all sorts of questions. Although being able to “Google ” at any time with just your voice is fun, their real applications come in when you use them to set up appointments, order groceries and pretty much act like your own personal PA. Want to find out the weather for tomorrow, send the Roomba out to clean the floor, or cue your favourite playlist to play on your home speaker system? Having a virtual home assistant not only makes your life so much easier, but you will never forget anyone’s birthday ever again!

Security systems

Smart locks are only the beginning of a security system in a smart home. Knowing who is at your door, whether you are home or not is essential in today’s day and age. Security cameras can be set up all over your home to monitor every moment. Keep an eye on the kids’ homework, allow access to contractors or even just keep in touch with your dog with a security system that acts as your eyes and ears. Security systems can be controlled via your smartphone from anywhere in the world, giving you complete control over what happens in your home. Door and window sensors, motion detectors, video cameras, alarms and recording systems ensure your safety, and that of your family.

Amazing Audio

Do you enjoy entertaining, or singing in the bath? Smart home audio systems are interconnected throughout the house and can be controlled via voice or your smartphone. Outdoor audio allows you to keep tabs on the game while you are having a braai, or listen to your favourite tunes while relaxing with your friends outside. Have your favourite playlist playing throughout your house, whether you are in the kitchen or the lounge. At Simpletech, we specialise in bespoke audio systems that not only fit your budget but are integrated seamlessly into your home. Built-in speakers allow discreet sound without compromising the aesthetics of your home. Banish the bad wiring job, and get the audio system that you deserve.

Efficient Energy

Smart lightning control allows you to control your entire home’s lightning from anywhere using your smartphone, or wall panels. Smart lightning saves energy costs, which in turn saves you money and is better for the planet. It can light up rooms as you walk into them, and dim or turn off lights in unoccupied aread.It can even wake you up in the morning or change colours.

Smart Homes are the future

We are living in interesting times. Technology has advanced so far and so fast that our needs are taken care of instantly like never before. Having a smart home may have seemed like an impossible dream just a few years ago, but today it’s not just possible but recommended. From keeping yourself and your loved ones safe to controlling all of your devices and ordering groceries without even leaving the couch, smart homes offer us luxurious living options like never before.

Installing a smart home need not be a nightmare either. Simpletech specialises in seamless, hassle-free builds that not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. Contact us today and let us build you the smart home of your dreams.

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