HVAC Control & Automation

Why You Need HVAC Control And Automation In Your Home

At Simpletech, we know that heating and cooling of the home and hot water system are some of the biggest consumers of energy. 

With this, we know the importance of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and automation. Not only for ease of use, convenience and energy-efficiency, but also for home comfort, remote access. 

Save Energy Costs With HVAC Automation

Smart HVAC system automation brings the highest level of efficiency to homes through the significant reduction of energy consumption costs. With rising living costs, this has become more important than ever.

Overused systems incur unnecessary costs, malfunctioning HVAC systems negatively impact the home environment and low efficiency rates cause unnecessary costs. However, with automation of this system, homeowners will be able to not only save costs but utilize every last bit of energy into heating and cooling..

Adding to this is a steam room and sauna, a swimming pool and hot tub, and an eco-friendly roof covered with vegetation.

Now, modern architecture is enjoyed along with smart home hub technology. 

Energy Conservation And Homeowner Comfort Through Automation

It’s a smart technology that brings in both energy efficiency and occupant’s comfort. Firstly, smart HVAC systems enable energy saving and a considerable amount of difference in energy consumption. Also, HVAC system automation makes power usage smart through energy conservation. 

The system automation, even heating, maintenance of a constant temperature in every room, and better humidity control is generated. 

What You’ll Be Able To Achieve In Your Home

At Simpletech, we implement our years of experience to squeeze the best value out of these HVAC systems with clear energy strategies, programming and automation. 

Why? Well because we believe that controlling the efficient use of these systems can help you reduce your energy bill and improve your lifestyle and in-home comfort. We’ll ensure that your HVAC systems are on and working when you need them and off when you don’t…


Through our automation, we also allow homeowners to:

i.Turn off the AC/HVAC system throughout their house when they leave the house, and reduce the output to save energy.
ii.Automatically turn the AC/HVAC system  back on when you are close to the house.
iii.Make sure the underfloor heating isn’t on while they are cooling the room with the AC/HVAC.
iv.Manage and balance solar hot water systems to ensure they give the most output, with the lowest energy cost.

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