Chris & Marius

Simpletech took up the challenge to completely retrofit a full audio-visual and network solution in Chris and Marius’ home. The challenge was to design a solution that could be integrated into an existing house without any of the normal electrical provisions normally required, little-to-no scope to chase into internal walls and pretty much no follow-through ceiling space.This solution includes: Music throughout the home, high-definition video distribution and an enterprise-level WiFi and wired network.

This project was great fun and it’s always nice to be presented a challenge and achieve such a fantastic finished product. The result is a simple, easy to use solution that’s completely hidden away!

We were glad to be able to maintain Ben Kotlowitz of KMA‘s architectural and design integrity but still offer Chris & Marius the convenience of a smart music system system.

Their home was recently featured on Top Billing, watch the clip here:



Chris & Marius


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